About Us

Who We Are

International Marketplace was founded in 2009 by Joseph Hawes to serve the growing needs of Hawes Financial Group, including providing office space and a place for employees and customers to dine. We are not a real estate agency. International Marketplace manages space for lease in the International Marketplace building, which includes the offices of Hawes Financial Group companies Mookie's Northwest Grill, Riverbend Coffee Co., Professional Credit Service, Professional Portfolio Service, HealthFirst Financial, and McKenzie Leasing & Finance.

International Marketplace is offering commercial property for lease on the ground floor of the building, which may be used for retail. Please see the full zoning information for allowable tenant uses. We also have office space for lease. We pride ourselves in offering premium commercial property leases with flexible terms.

Green Initiatives

International Marketplace is dedicated and committed to improving our environment and reducing our carbon footprint. Here are some of the methods that we use to achieve the highest level energy efficiency:

Sponsorships and Support

International Marketplace, in conjunction with Hawes Financial Group and its employees have shown their dedication to our community by supporting the following organizations: