Area Demographics

Within the next five years, the City of Springfield is considering extending Maple Island Road, which runs on the west side of International Marketplace, from International Way to Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. This will give direct access and clear visibility to the retail and food vendors in the Marketplace for hundreds of employees going to and from work, as well as increased traffic flow from other potential customers.

As the Urban Growth Boundary is expanded to the north, the property behind International Marketplace will be further developed to include more businesses and increase the potential customer base of the building's occupants.

Mookie's Northwest Grill is a popular restaurant that draws customers from around Eugene and Springfield to dine.

Eugene/Springfield Neighborhood Profile

  Springfield Eugene
Recent Job Growth 2.40% 2.50%
Future Job Growth 9.50% 9.90%
Population 55,319 143,466
Population Growth 4.40% 4.30%
Median Income $37,233 $39,915

Combined Statistics

Environmental Impact:

Compact development means that buildings, parking areas, streets, driveways, and public spaces are developed in a way that shortens trips, and lessens dependence on the automobile, thereby reducing levels of land consumption, energy use, and air pollution. Compact development promotes full utilization of urban services, such as water lines, sewers, streets, and emergency services, by taking advantage of existing public facilities and minimizing the need for new facilities.

Social Interaction

Creating public spaces where people have the opportunity to formerly organize, such as for a public market, or informally gather, such as to pursue leisure or social activity, are both necessary and desirable. For example, social greetings, conversations and passive contacts where people simply see and hear other people, are those social activities that shape our personal identity. This type of activity is dependent on the presence of people in the same physical environment, whether it is a sidewalk or a public plaza. For this to be a positive experience, public spaces need to be safe, attractive, and comfortable.

EmX Line

Construction on the new EMX line began 2008. A station is located in front of PacificSource, OML (or Maple Island Road), and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. The bus stops less than half a block from International Marketplace. The estimated ridership along the International Way segment of the Pioneer Parkway EmX line is 280 boardings per day. This number is projected to increase to 670 boardings in the near future.

EmX map
red arrow QUICK FACTS
  • Located just off I-5.
  • Right next to the Gateway area and PeaceHealth at Riverbend.
  • Rapidly expanding area.
  • One-half block from LTD and new EmX Green Line stops.