Listing Summary

Retail Spaces for Lease

International Marketplace is located in the center of International Way in Springfield, Oregon. The building is designed to draw people into the retail and food spaces by design and function. The Marketplace is a cosmopolitan mix of food, retail, and finance in the Campus Industrial District located close to I-5, Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend, and the Gateway area.


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Executive Summary

International Marketplace is an upscale building of 81,420-square feet situated on 7.05 acres. Visitors enter the building through a Galleria-style entrance followed by the beautiful three-story atrium providing an informal connection of all the Hawes Financial Group businesses. Because employees of the building filter through the Galleria to enter and exit the building, the tenants of the building are provided a built-in customer base.

The Hawes Financial Center is located inside the International Marketplace building. The tenants include the Hawes Financial Group with more than 200+ employees. This employment number is expected to grow to 350 people within five years.

International Marketplace is located within a rapidly growing business district with several new developments in the planning stages. These new developments will increase the employee count significantly within the next few years. The current employment numbers are approximately 6,200 employees, excluding the smaller employers in the area.

The future growth of the area includes the extension of Maple Island Road to Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and the northern expansion of the Urban Growth Boundary. The new EmX line projected to open mid 2010 with 280 boardings per day will further serve this area. In fact, the closest EmX stop is less than one half-block from the Galleria entrance. Additional highlights of this mixed-use development include environmental and social benefits. The compact development promotes less dependency on automobiles, thereby reducing land consumption, energy use, and air pollution while promoting full use of public services. The public market creates social contact, which attributes to a positive, safe, attractive and comfortable experience.

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